written and directed by AmedeoFago

with an essay on the art of preparing the risotto by FabrizioBeggiato



Risotto can now be considered as an Italian experimental theatre classic. The success obtained in 35 years since its first performance has been consolidated after international tour performances in Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Russia and after its very last successful tour in France at the “Maison de la Culture” of Bobigny on November 2013.


The originality of the format of the play that uses voice-over permits dubbing in any language desired.


Universal themes and the irony in the way play evolves and the group atmosphere created at the end of the show are elements of proven effect for a diversified public of all ages and cultures.


It is a theatre performance that attracts the attention of our five senses; what we see, smell, hear and taste and it all concludes with a physical encounter with a dish and a fork.


This intimate performance, where even small expressive movements have meaning, is effective if performed to an audience of 200 people max, but the ideal is around 100 spectators.


SINCE 1978